Trauma-Informed Training

Trauma-Informed Training

Work out in a safe environment. Perfect for clients who need a little extra support.

Movement is a great healer. As you gain strength, flexibility, and coordination, you’ll gain confidence and a greater sense of being at home in your body. But movement can also dredge up memories, issues, and old patterns of thought. Resilient Body Fitness provides a safe place to process, breathe through what the movement brings up, and set up new patterns in mind, body, and spirit. My program lays the groundwork for you to:

  1. Restore a lost sense of resilience
  2. Reopen the window of tolerance for nervous system activation
  3. Combat the long term health implications of living with trauma
  4. Build a community if you’re feeling isolated
  5. Create the conditions for healing

Michele has so much experience with movement, and knows how healing it is.

S. R.

If you are looking for an inclusive, empowering, and motivating trainer – look no further than Michelle!

S. Rayan

I’m here for you. Let’s get started.