Lifelong Fitness

Lifelong Fitness

Explore your body’s unique potential with my fully customized self-care personal fitness package.

A lot of people measure fitness in terms of whether you’re moving, or in terms of how much you’re moving (either how many reps you’re doing, or how much weight you’re moving when you do them). But they rarely talk about HOW you’re moving.  How you’re moving–whether your form is good or poor–can make the difference between a joyful, lifelong fitness habit, and an off-and-on struggle with injury, a lifetime of having to work around your weak spots. Flexibility, core strength, and the right balance of tension between opposing muscle groups play a huge role in preventing-and recovering from-injury.

Your program needs a balance of these elements along with the exercises that move you towards your goals.  Maybe you want to get started right, maybe you want to get back on track after an injury, or maybe you’re noticing that the routine you’ve been doing for years seems to be a cause of wear and tear on the body when it used to energize you.  Whatever your situation, I’ll set you up with the right foundation for a lifetime of the reps you love.

If you are looking for an inclusive, empowering, and motivating trainer – look no further than Michele!


Let’s set up a joyful, lifelong fitness habit for you!


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